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Proudly Built Here

Made in Canada

Canada Authentic

We proudly manufacture top quality tires in Lumby, British Columbia.  

Trailer Tire Models

DLM Tire


11R22.5-11R24.5 Medium Truck tires. Purpose: highway drive or trailer. Depth: 18/32″.

Industrial Tire Models

LGT Tire

LGT Bobcat Tire

Bobcat Tire Model Industrial Grade Loader Grabber Traction

Best Sellers

XDS Tire

XDS Three Tires 400w

11R22.5-11R24.5 Medium truck tires. Winter Tread Pattern, Purpose: Highway snow and ice. 26/32″

PB Tire


11R22.5-11R24.5  Medium truck tires. Purpose: All season tire, can be used on and off highway. 26/32″

774 Tire


11R22.5-11R24.5 Medium truck tires, Bulk Pricing Available. Purpose: On and off road extreme lug tire, performs better off road. 32/32″ Tread Depth